Reasons You Should Be Using Life Insurance

Reasons You Should Be Using Life Insurance

Insurance comes from insurance that has a sense of coverage. Insurance an agreement between the insured / customer and the insurer / insurance company.

The insurer is willing to bear the amount of losses that may arise in the future after the insured agreed on the payment of money called the premium.

Premium is the money spent by the insured in return for the insurer. Based on the Commercial Code (KUHD), insurance is an agreement.

When an insurer binds himself to an insured, by accepting a premium, to provide reimbursement to him for a loss, damage or loss of expected profits, which he may suffer for an unspecified event.

Paying insurance premiums adds to the financial burden. Really like that? With the insurance we can avoid something bad that can befall. Especially the two most valuable things are our lives and our health. That is a strong reason for us to have insurance.

In essence, insurance is a powerful way to overcome the losses caused by the disaster so we do not need to bear alone as quoted from, Friday (19/08/2016).

A. Your Insurance Protected Risk

Indonesia is the country with the highest crime rate in the world. Many expensive risks that threaten Indonesian citizens include:

  1. Road accidents
  2. Experiencing acute health problems
  3. Can not work because of permanent disability
  4. Loss of property (due to theft, fire, etc.)
  5. Loss of income due to the efficiency of the company
  6. Accidents at work or at home
  7. Be a victim of business scams or credit cards
  8. And so on

Unimaginable how many risks that can shake our financial condition. The risk can also threaten anyone.

Seeing this opportunity, the Senior Life Insurance company will assess the threatening risks and reimbursement guarantees of your work. The higher the risk, the greater the guarantee of reimbursement in case of disaster.

Protection against Risk vs. Insurance Premium

B. Protection against Risk vs. Insurance Premium

The greater the risk insured, the greater the insurance premium to be paid. So, do not think you can be an insurance participant anywhere, which is the cheapest premium.

If you are the backbone of the family, of course the risk of your life is greater. That’s why we can not just “just take insurance” by paying the cheapest premium. More important is the accuracy of the insurance program with your needs.

Not just health and life. The risk of losing property is also the case. So stingy premium pay, lost car no one joined to replace because there is no insurance.

As a result, you have to buy a car again. It will be different if we already follow the insurance program. Stingy premiums come from the mindset who feel the insurance is just a mere spending that can be ‘saved’. In fact, not infrequently also people assume, “pay insurance is the same as inviting disaster itself.”

C. Is Your Insurance Sufficient?

What are the criteria of adequate insurance? Probably many of you who already feel enough to be registered as a participant of the Health Insurance Provider (BPJS) Health and Employment Administration program?

The company you work with may already have an employee insurance program. The insurance programs provided may provide some protection, but they are limited in providing financial security for you and your family.

Especially considering Indonesia’s monetary condition is still strongly influenced by other countries, so the price of staple food is often uncertain. It’s time to reconsider insurance.

Ask yourself what you already have if you can risk being alone? Otherwise, insurance is the best solution, because it is time you take off the general mind of insurance means paying something that is not needed.

It’s a big mistake if you think insurance only adds to your spending. Because, which needs to be emphasized once more, we all will bear the risk that we can not predict when it comes.

Insurance helps minimize that risk, so your financial future and family is more secure. What is needed then is to set up expenditure items so as not to be broken.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Instead of getting into financial trouble after being struck down by having no insurance, we better prevent that problem.