Look What You Need To Determine The Best Road Bike Under 300

Some people are so pessimistic about the best road bike under 300. They thought that it is almost impossible to have high quality road bike with the price under $300. In fact, it is so possible. However, you have to do something hard. Selection is required to make sure that you don’t pick a wrong road bike.
At least, these following three things have to be considered before you finally make decision.

1. Braking System

A lot of people are complaining about the brake of road bike under 300. It cannot perform quite well. You can stop the bike while you are speedy.
You might be quite difficulty to find road bike under 300 provided with disk brakes.

However, you can find another type of braking system which is as good as disk
brakes. For instance cantilever brakes or high quality caliper brakes with dual pivot brake.

2. Seat Quality

When braking is mostly related with safety, seat is dealing with comfort. Be careful with cheap road bike but it has low quality for its seat. Why is a saddle
uncomfortable? Mostly, it is because of incorrect width of the seat. Besides, you have to make sure that “the sit bones” are well-designed to bear your body. This one is determined by how weight you are and the shape of your buttocks.

3. Steel Frame

Can you imagine what happens when you ride such a heavy road bike? It can make you slow to ride. Moreover, you will feel exhausted soon. It is due to incorrect frame steel. This one makes the bike heavier. So, it would be better that you pay attention with this part.

Those are three things that you should use when you are choosing best road bike under