How to Create Your Own WordPress Plugin Easily with 5 Steps

You may add theme to your website to optimize it. It may be a good idea. However, sometimes custom plugin is better. In this case, you need to create your own WordPress plugin. You may think that it is difficult. However, this article will guide you do this simply & easily.

Steps by Steps How to Create WordPress Plugin

How to create your own WordPress plugin only requires 5 simple steps. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. FTP into your website

Firstly, you must access your website via FTP. You should use FTP program. For example, you can use Coda. You can consider other FTP programs you want.

  1. Navigate to WordPress plugin folder

After accessing your website via FTP, now you should navigate it to WordPress plugin folder. Usually, it is located at /wp-content/plugins.

  1. Make a New Folder for Your Own Plugin

To create your own WordPress plugin, the next step is to make a new folder for your own plugin. After that, enter it & continue to the next step.

  1. Make the main PHP file

Then, you should make the main file. In this step, you need to make a PHP file in your plugin folder & give the same name to it. Next, open the main file & do some editing if needed.

  1. Setup plugin’s information

The last step how to make your own WordPress plugin is to setup the information. Just copy & paste the information of plugin into the main plugin file. You have to make sure to edit its details like Plugin URL and Plugin Name.

That is all the steps that you need to follow. If you are interested in it, now you can create your own WordPress plugin by following these steps we have just explained.