Kuta Beach Bali – beach, sunset, party and everthing about beach

Kuta Beach Bali – beach, sunset, party and everything about beach

Kuta Beach Bali – Kuta beach is just one of the very first preferred beaches found by tourist. Coconut trees line the sandy beach so far as the eyes could view towards the north ceased by the runway of Denpasar’s airport way in the west. The sunset in Kuta is breathtaking. On the south, the beach is surrounded by the airport runway, which provides the people a breathtaking landing encounter. Kuta Beach bustles with tourists’ sellers and sailors. It is the hottest beach in Bali and also the island’s number one party zone. Quick development and an influx of people have not maintained away the surfers and Kuta still remains one of Bali’s finest surfing beaches and a wonderful spot to enjoy a beach lifestyle.

Even though the surfers are still part of this Kuta scene, it is the shopping, nightlife and party beats which brings thousands of people. There is a massive choice of accommodation, restaurants and entertainment. The lodging in Kuta includes a small home remain for a couple dollars each night to luxurious, five stars, international hotels costing a few hundred to a few thousand dollars each night. Legian Street, located right behind the row of hotels that confront the beach, is lined with stores of all types.

We could find any Balinese handicrafts here, in the cheapest to the most beautiful; or unique shops like the leather shop staffed by 2 young Balinese men which will perfectly liven a leather coat. (They’re artists). _At nighttime, Kuta is living with nightlife.

Gastronomical demands inspire a great number of restaurants, serving traditional Indonesian and Balinese food to several cultural meals from Japan, Switzerland, etc.. As if these weren’t enough, many Balinese dancing performances have been staged in Kuta each evening. Among the Kecak performances is located in Kuta.  More detail see  https://www.indonesiatourismguides.com